Lists and Generated Content

Chapter 16


  1. A sampling of list style types
  2. Switching off list-item markers
  3. A sampling of string markers
  4. Using images as markers
  5. Using really big images as markers
  6. Switching off image markers in sublists
  7. Gradient list markers
  8. Placing the markers inside and outside list items
  9. Bringing it all together
  10. Three list items
  11. Markers are added
  12. Adding a list border
  13. Margins and padding as indentation devices
  14. Large markers and list layout
  15. Examples of marker styling
  16. Generating text content
  17. Generating icons
  18. Generating block-level content
  19. Taking placement into account
  20. Changing the generated content to be inline
  21. Strings are displayed verbatim
  22. Inserting and suppressing newlines
  23. Inserting URLs
  24. Missing attributes are skipped
  25. Inserting quotes and other content
  26. Nested curly quotes
  27. Counting the items
  28. Adding counters to headings
  29. Changing counter styles
  30. Nested counters
  31. A simple counter pattern
  32. A fixed counter pattern
  33. When symbols get too close
  34. A cyclic counter pattern
  35. Putting “wings” on the thinker
  36. This list is fine
  37. Two patterns of symbolic counting
  38. Very long symbolic markers
  39. Using range to limit a symbolic counter pattern
  40. Alphabetic counting
  41. Three numeric counting patterns
  42. Negative-value formatting
  43. Padding values
  44. Padding negative values
  45. Additive values
  46. Various hexadecimal counting patterns