Filters, Blending, Clipping, and Masking

Chapter 19


  1. Basic filter effects
  2. Drop shadows and alpha channels
  3. Color filter effects
  4. Brightness, contrast, and saturation filter effects
  5. SVG filter effects
  6. Simple alpha channel blending
  7. Darken, lighten, difference, and exclusion blending
  8. Multiply, screen, and overlay blending
  9. Hard- and soft-light blending
  10. Color dodge and burn blending
  11. Hue, saturation, luminosity, and color blending
  12. Three backgrounds blended together
  13. Blending with color versus transparency
  14. Blending elements with their backdrops
  15. Blending in isolation, and not
  16. Clipped and unclipped paragraphs
  17. Various clip shapes
  18. Various clipping boxes
  19. Fitting an elliptical clip shape to various boxes
  20. An image clipped with a scaling SVG clip path
  21. The two shape-filling options
  22. A simple image mask
  23. A variety of image masks
  24. List items, masked and unmasked
  25. Alpha and luminance mask modes
  26. Sizing masks
  27. Repeating masks
  28. Positioning masks
  29. Changing the origin box
  30. Clipping the mask
  31. Compositing operations
  32. Subtracted masks
  33. Compositing masks
  34. Two masks
  35. Four kinds of object fitting
  36. Various scale-down scenarios
  37. A variety of object positions
  38. Positioning a covered object